Allen St., Tombstone Arizona

Allen St., Tombstone

Historic Allen St. Tombstone Arizona. Looking East. I particularly like the American flag in this shot. My goal here was to create a somewhat misty-sepia-toned look into the past.


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  1. …and poured and poured and poured. Then it hailed! What a day here in the Mule Mountains of Bisbee! (Sure glad I could stay home enjoying a nice hot fire in the wood stove today.)

  2. Bisbee is a really neat town, I wish I had grown up in a small town like Bisbee…maybe in another lifetime.

  3. That is a great shot of Allen Street!

  4. Thanks!

  5. а все таки: прелестно..

  6. […] Why would bureauthugs in faraway Washington deliberately kill an iconic American town? Because Tombstone is devoted to keeping history alive. It represents the rugged individualist spirit of the Old West — a spirit our liberal rulers are determined to eradicate. Legendary Tombstone. […]

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