About Me

photo1.jpgTwo of my favorite hobbies are art and photography. The other is history and genealogy. Living in Arizona has provided me with alot of inspiration for photographing and painting, and the interest in history is only fuel for my creative fire.

I’m a native-born Arizonan, my ethnic background is Polish, Irish, English and African. My family moved here from back east in the early 1960’s and settled in Phoenix, then moved to Tucson. I’ve seen Tucson grow from a small town into the crowded, expansive city it has become, and I remember when my parents didn’t lock the door at night, and certainly not during the day. I was free to roam the neighborhood without worry.

Even though I have lived here for quite awhile, I still have not been everywhere I want to go, seen everything there is to see or said all I have to say about Tucson. I hope to document the travels here and hopefully gain inspiration for art, and maybe inspire others to visit the places where the photos were taken.


3 Responses

  1. Hello!
    I’ve found your website as I was searching for Mescal photographs. I went there two years ago with friends (we are french), and for us it was a fantastic trip. We particulary loved Tuscon and the skies of Arizona at Sunset.
    Your photos are great. Thanks!

  2. Laurence, thank you very much for the nice comment. I will be posting more photos soon, please visit again.

    Regards- Naomi

  3. Where is the Mescal Movie Set located in Benson, AZ, would love to visit when family comes out.

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